1 de octubre de 2013 (I)

Hola a todos / Hello everybody:

Ya tenemos dos respuestas a la pregunta de Alma / we already have two answers for Alma’s question:

Una primera de / A first one from Roger Simpson:
With reference to Alma’s question.
I have not come across the sentence that Alma quotes, but there was (?is) a Welsh goddess named Rhiannon who had three magical birds whose singing could allegedly heal the sick and bring the dead to life.
In Cornish legend King Arthur returns in the form of a bird (a red-legged chough).
I think there are many legends of dying heroes taking the form of birds to fly off to the next world. For example the dying Japanese hero Yamato Takeru takes the form of a great white bird on his flight to the paradise of the West.
As for birds collecting dead knights, this seems very like the airborne Valkyrie taking dead warriors to Valhalla …

Una segunda de / A second one from Mariano González:
La primera consulta me recuerda al papel del buitre como portador de lo muertos al más allá en los antiguos rituales funerarios íberos y celtas. Puede que la tradición haya pasado al mundo artúrico desde su propio trasfondo legendario celta. Adjunto un interesante artículo al respecto.
[The first question reminds me of the role of the vulture as the one reponsible for carrying the dead to the afterlife in the ancient Iberian and Celtic funarary rites. This tradition may have been inherited by the Arthurian world due to its own Celtic background. I have attached an interesting article on this subject matter]

Saludos / greetings:

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